Veil Falls


Located on the Middle Fork of the Salmon, Veil Falls is an iconic side stop for all river trips. Tucked away in Impassable Canyon, what’s remarkable about this waterfall is it’s not from a stream, it’s a spring which means the water flow is the same year-round and doesn’t change with the melting snow and subsequent spring and summer runoff. With the mild flow, when the outside temperature is right, and even when it’s not, it’s fun to stand under it and let the water hit you. It’s gentle enough that even slight breezes will push the waterfall around a good distance before it hits the ground.

When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do here was to lie down in the grass, look up and watch individual water droplets fall and hit the ground.

Pairing the waterfall are other goodies, including an abundance of mint (yay) and poison ivy (boo!). There are also Native American pictographs located here as well which are easy to miss despite them being right there. (No more hints, you got this!)

Topping off the grandeur of Veil Cave is that it’s in an enormous open cavern, which is very cool in itself.

Accessibility & Price

I rate the accessibility as very difficult as you can’t drive or hike to it and it’s only available by raft or kayak as it lies in Impassable Canyon on the Middle Fork of the Salmon. Being in a National Forest there is no cost to visit, however, the cost of accessibility is significant.

Photos of Veil Falls

Video of Veil Falls

How to get to Veil Falls

Veils Falls is located at river mile 80.41 on the Middle Fork of the Salmon. The only way to access it is by taking a river trip.

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