huacas falls on the pacuare river

Huacas Falls


Huacas Falls is quintessential Costa Rica. As you raft through the Pacuare River canyon, you know something dramatic will appear. And what you’re rewarded with is Huacas Falls. Sandwiched between Upper Huacas and Lower Huacas Rapid (both are decent Class IV rapids), Huacas Falls cascades into the river. The flow of the falls tends to be mellow enough that you can raft under it, however, with the current pushing you downstream, you won’t be there for long.

What’s remarkable about the Pacuare River, and really Costa Rica itself, is that this is just one of many waterfalls that pour into the river. There are lots of tributaries that come in both on river left and right that offer waterfalls that are worth exploring.

Huacas Falls has difficult accessibility due to you only being able to get to it via raft or kayak. Because of this though, you won’t find crowds, trash, or signs of overuse. As well as scant information online too. If you book a Pacuare river trip, any trip that takes you through the gorge (which the vast majority do) then you’re going to pass by this waterfall.


There is no cost to visit Huacas Falls, however, due to raft or kayak-only in access, you will need to pay for a rafting trip.


I rate the accessibility as difficult as you can’t drive or hike to it. You need to raft or kayak to it by booking a Pacuare river rafting trip.

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