Deer Creek Falls


Located at the confluence of the Colorado River, Deer Creek makes a dramatic exit with Deer Creek Falls at river mile 136.9 in the Grand Canyon. This is a spectacular waterfall that has easy access for those on a whitewater trip. For those not on a river trip, there are hike-in options that are available by permit.


While the falls are easily accessible from the river, getting to that point is quite the task for river runners as it requires either a private permit or paying for a commercial spot with a concessionaire. Hike-in options are easier to come by but then of course you need to do the actual hiking part. The NPS says it best:

The huge outpourings of water at Thunder River, Tapeats Spring, and Deer Spring have attracted people since prehistoric times and today this little corner of Grand Canyon is exceedingly popular among seekers of the remarkable. Like a gift, booming streams of crystalline water emerge from mysterious caves to transform the harsh desert of the inner canyon into absurdly beautiful green oasis replete with the music of water falling into cool pools. Trailhead access can be difficult, sometimes impossible, and the approach march is long, hot and dry, but for those making the journey these destinations represent something close to canyon perfection.

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